Setup IMAP e-mail on Android

Remember that, if you have an Enhanced account, you can use ActiveSync, to not only sync e-mails, but also contacts and events.

Here’s the step by step for setting up an IMAP account on Android’s native mail app.

  • Press the device’s Menu button.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Click on Accounts
  • Click on Add account.
  • Click on Email.
  • Enter your full e-mail address and password.
  • Select if you want to send e-mails using this account by default
  • Click on Next
  • Click Manual setup.
  • In account type, choose IMAP account.
  • Android will automatically use and as hosts, which is OK
  • Username field has to be changed to your FULL e-mail address
  • Click on Next 3 times in a row, note that on the last page you can setup specific details such as interval for checking mail
  • On the last page, Android gives you the option to change the friendly name and also Your name, as it appears to recipients.
  • Click on OK to finalize the procedure.

If you want to setup IMAP with SSL, after clicking on Add account > Email and typing in your e-mail and password, fill out the hostnames as per below.

  • IMAP server –
  • Security type – SSL or SSL/TLS
  • Port 993
  • SMTP Server –
  • Security type – SSL or SSL/TLS
  • Port – 465

Note that IMAP is preferred over POP. If you want to set up the account as POP, you have to set it up manually. IMAP is a protocol made to support several devices accessing one same account, with all folders synced at our server, which also guarantees that our backups will be executed.