Autodiscover & Autoconfig

Autodiscover & Autoconfig for Outlook, Thunderbird & Mobile Devices

What is Autodiscover & Autoconfig ?

They are web services that are used by a growing number of applications and which help in configuring your mobile devices and desktop clients. Autodiscover is used by Outlook and all mobile devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices while Autoconfig is used by Thunderbird. These services allow you to configure an e-mail account by only entering your e-mail address and password, without having to worry about incoming servers, outgoing servers or ports. All communication is configured to be secured through SSL by default.

DNS Configuration

The configuration is very simple and straightforward.You only have to add two A type records in the DNS of the domain for which you wish to enable these services. They are:

Basic and Enanced Accounts:
Exchange Accounts: